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Designing online tools requires not only a broad skill set, but a solid foundation for the development environment.

Web Site Architecture

Fleet Internet Technologies documents the business requirements into a functional form before development begins. This ensures the application is design with growth, flexibility, and meets your goals and objectives before our expert engineers begin programming.

Application Development

When integrating our client�s new applications, Fleet Internet Technologies� primary objective is to create value and ROI, whether working with legacy systems or starting from the ground up with an entirely new business model. Creating value and return on your investment are the goals Fleet Internet Technologies has in mind when integrating our client�s new applications with legacy systems or starting from the ground up with a new business model.

Our company offers a range of application development and integration services, which include:

Build online prospecting campaigns: Turn your web site into a highly effective marketing tool. Allows prospects to sell themselves into your organization.
Customer interaction portals. Empower your customer�s to see their business with your organization in real-time and increase customer loyalty.
Employee intranets / extranets. Employee access to pertinent information with a connection to the Internet and a browser, allows your business to focus on profitability.
E-Commerce catalogs. Sell products and/or services online. Allow payment processing or accepting contributions online.
Browser based web administration tools. Give your staff a workflow controlled environment to manage and maintain their online presence within your organization.

Our professional engineers use the most advanced tools and the latest technologies to rapidly create, implement and test applications and web sites.

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